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BookBrowse - winner of Gold in the 2017 Modern Library Awards - is an affordable, reader-focused, and user-friendly readers' advisory resource and online magazine suited for librarians and patrons alike.

Unlike the many databases that attempt to list all books regardless of quality, BookBrowse carefully sifts through the thousands of books published each month - saving librarians and patrons valuable time - and recommends only the best. Exceptional books don't just entertain, they also engage, enlighten and make us step outside of ourselves. BookBrowse seeks out these books across a range of genres, both fiction and nonfiction, and links each book page to the corresponding book in the library's OPAC for one-click searching.

Focusing on depth rather than breadth, BookBrowse provides a wealth of information about each featured book, including:

  • Extensive book club resources such as reading guides, top 10 recommendations and author interviews.
  • In-depth reviews.
  • Substantial excerpts.
  • One-click links from each book to the library's OPAC.
  • "Beyond the Book" articles that explore historical, cultural and contextual aspects of each featured book.
  • Previews of notable books publishing soon - available online or as a downloadable spreadsheet.

(See Feature List below for more information.)


Their editorial focus coupled with their extensive reading group resources make BookBrowse a particularly valuable destination for book club members and those who read to expand their horizons, as well as librarians responsible for collection development and book club organization.

To fit the varying needs of libraries, BookBrowse offers two types of subscriptions:

  1. Library Subscriptions: Includes unlimited on-site and remote access for both librarians and patrons.
  2. Librarian Access Subscriptions: For libraries interested in BookBrowse for staff-use only, i.e. not for patron use. Includes unlimited on-site and remote access for designated librarians. An excellent option for librarians responsible for collection development and book club organization.

Full information, including pricing, available at http://www.bookbrowse.com/lib.

Califa libraries get 10% discount on the quoted price.

Feature List:

  • Original, in-depth reviews of the best in contemporary fiction and nonfiction.
  • "Beyond the Book" articles that explore historical, cultural and contextual aspects of each featured book. These are particularly valued by book clubs and those who read to learn new things.
  • Read-alikes - created by hand, not computer algorithm - for thousands of authors and books based on the book's story, character, setting and language. Linked book to book and author to author.
  • The ability to search and cross reference by multiple categories such as genre, time period, geographical setting and a wide range of themes, e.g. setting + time period + theme.
  • Previews of the top 80+ books publishing each month, including reviews from numerous pre-pub sources - all in one spot. Each review is abbreviated to the reviewer's salient opinion thus avoiding plot spoilers and repetition.
  • The BookBrowse Review: BookBrowse's online magazine highlighting all the latest content (with opt-in email notifications). Publishes twice monthly.
  • Substantial excerpts of each featured book so that patrons can browse for themselves and decide which are right for them.
  • Extensive book club resources including featured recommendations (searchable by genre, time period, setting and theme), reading guides, interviews with a wide variety of book clubs and advice on starting and running a book club.
  • Interactive features such as online book discussions open to patrons, literary quizzes and games.
  • Author interviews, biographies and a pronunciation guide for difficult author names.

Library Subscriptions Also Include:

  • On-site and remote access.
  • Branding and customization for your library, including one-click links from each book to your library's OPAC. Search is by title and author so displays all available formats.
  • An early-preview edition for librarians of all books that BookBrowse will cover in the following month - available online or as a downloadable spreadsheet including pub date, genre, ISBN, publisher and page count, with a link to the full data on BookBrowse. Useful for collection development and for librarians wanting an "at a glance" guide to notable books publishing soon.
  • A range of static and rotating graphics with suggested text for use on your website.
  • Free posters, bookmarks and tentcards.
  • An easy to remember redirect link to your library's login page (e.g. bookbrowse.com/abc).
  • Usage stats.
  • Free support for both librarians and patrons.
  • ...and much more!

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